More about a neighbourhood plan


WHAT IT IS There is a new opportunity for communities such as ours to write our own Development Plan under the Localism Act. This will help us to influence how our area will grow and develop in the future. Our plan is to be known as the Old Market Quarter Neighbourhood Plan and must be in conformity with the Bristol Local Plan. For more information on local policies go to: There are 2 key steps to starting off this process:

  1. Designating a Neighbourhood Planning Area, this shows which area we cover.
  2. Designating a Neighbourhood Planning Forum, this includes the members of the new community group who will be steering the project.

WHAT IT WILL BE ABOUT The Plan will seek to ensure that the Old Market Quarter continues to be a great place to live and will improve the area by:

  • Clearly setting out the community’s vision for the area.
  • Encouraging the right development in the right place.
  • Setting out how the natural environment, streets and spaces can be improved.
  • Encouraging development that creates the new homes and new businesses of a type supported and needed by the community.
  • Setting out how the community would like to see transport issues dealt with in and around Old Market Quarter.

WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE The Plan would be divided into sections which could be something like the following:

  • Vision: to set out a range of policies (statements of what the community would like to see happen) and projects to help shape how development is brought forward.
  • Environment: to improve green spaces, gardens and trees
  • Design: to design high quality and energy efficient buildings
  • Community: to help create a balanced, vibrant and diverse community
  • Economy: to support local businesses, create links to and co-operate with larger businesses, encourage new businesses and social enterprises that benefit the community, and help in moving to a low carbon economy.
  • Development: to encourage regeneration and appropriately located new development opportunities that help to achieve social, economic and environmental objectives
  • Heritage: to recognise and enhance the built heritage
  • Transport: to make the area a more accessible and attractive place for pedestrians and cyclists and improve the movement network.
  • Projects: to promote and take forward initiatives by the community which relate to a particular part of the Old Market Quarter which the community would like to improve.