• NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING FORUM We are excited to announce that on 1st May 2013 we were formally designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Forum by the City Council.
  1. To find out more about our Neighbourhood Plan come and see the Building A Better Bristol exhibition in The Trinity Centre and fill out a questionnaire to let us know what projects you would like to see prioritised in the Old Market Quarter. 100s of wish cards which have been written on by the community are exhibited on a ‘wishing tree’ on the wall of the exhibition (see photo below).
  2. Click on Poster for what could go in the plan to see what ideas the community have given us for the plan.
  3. Click on Long list of proposed projects for the Old Market Quarter for even more ideas from the community of how to improve the area.
  4. Click on Neighbourhood Plan draft structure, March 2013 to find out how we plan to progress with the plan making process.

  • OLD MARKET QUARTER’S AREA The City Council formally designated our area as a Neighbourhood Planning Area on 31st January 2013. See http://www.bristol.gov.uk/page/planning-and-building-regulations/neighbourhood-planning-bristol. The Old Market Quarter area has potential for development growth in the future, because there is empty or underused land or buildings which could be developed or built on to provide for new homes, jobs or other uses the area needs. The proposed area includes the following 7 neighbourhoods: St Matthias, Broad Plain, Trinity, Waterloo, New Town, Dings, St Jude’s.
Plan shows the proposed area boundaries for Old Market Quarter Future
Plan shows the proposed 7 neighbourhoods. Our logo is taken from this map. Tell us what you think!
  • WALKABOUTS Look out for us in your neighbourhood! As part of raising awareness about the neighbourhood plan, we are doing walkabouts with our cart in the Old Market Quarter asking people to write down what they wish for the area and fill in questionnaires.

Trader from Global Collectables makes a wish

  • FUNDING We have received funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to design a new layout for Old Market Street to make it better and safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The fund will also cover the costs of the construction work to make the changes so this is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference.
  • SUPPORT We have been successful in getting support from the Princes Foundation, who are government funded. They have run 3 community workshops in the area to identify issues and look for some possible solutions.  The council has used the responses from the first event in their planning document, Bristol Central Area Action Plan. They are now helping us prepare an outline structure for the Neighbourhood Plan. The Princes Foundation have agreed to support us on our way forward until March 2013